YIS systematically regulate all the process for effective company management

“Yojana Information System”. Software facilities not limiting to the requirements of private sector customers, we do have facilities that can be used by private sector customers themselves but however the format being pre-defined according to the direction of the government.

Well-known for its facilities, government allows the municipalities and VDCs to work out for the small projects in their particular area. So, budget for the projects in such municipalities and VDCs are planned out by the assembly committee and plan how to distribute the budgets for different categories they have prepared if the government passes the budget. However, they can receive the budget only after submitting the tender/ quotation and if the tender submitted is approved then only they can move further in the process.

In this way out, they need to record the tender sent, received budget and steps and process on how the utilization of budget has been regulated. At the same time they need to check which projects are on-process, which are completed, the bills of each running phase needs to be recorded.

For that reason, we provide our customers the best option to systematically regulate all the process mentioned above, the appropriate system – “Yojana Information System”. It has all the aspects that are described as the procedure of Planning Management and we can even check the on-going process, bills, due payments/ payments made and report details and many more related to DPR.