TMS helps to conduct effective training or event

Planning to prepare a training or event? Confused how to manage the attendee list and provide attendance in appropriately so that it is in an organized way and systematic manner? Then here we provide you with the latest software solution “Training Management System”.

Key features of Training Management System are as follow:

  • Attendees list
  • Program schedule
  • To-do list and sort down of completed task
  • Data storage (For future reference)
  • Training program manual from trainers
  • Acceptance/ Approval from attendees (Attending/ Not Attending/ Probable)

Benefits of training management system can be:

  • Attendance of the trainees as well as the trainers
  • Work schedule of training session with the time table and total presentation
  • Recording the tasks to be trained and completed within the time phase
  • Name list of members – “Who will be responsible for what task”
  • Analysis of completion records after trainings and workout for future reference
  • TMS can be regarded as paperless environment friendly system