Hamro Store

Hamro Store records the detailed data of inventories stored in your store

What comes in a layman’s mind when we speak about store? All the items and inventories stored in any particular area or different areas and we tend to transfer those items/ inventories whether it may be inflow or outflow – Absolutely correct. But the biggest issue while regulating those inventories is how to keep record of these inflow and outflow. So we present you with the refined and classy software “Hamro Store”. Here, you can record the detailed data of inventories stored in your store as well as you can check from whom you have purchased and to whom you have sold at what quantity and at what price. You can even track the records of goods that are remaining and place the order at correct time. Users can check both detailed as well as summary data and track many more information.

The key features that we provide are as follow:

  •  Purchase Order management
  • Goods Request/ Receive/ Issue
  • Batch and/ or Serial Number Tracking
  • Purchasing management
  • Product catalog
  • Inventory optimization
  • Stack Approval
  • Block/ Room
  • Organization Assets Issue/ Return
  • Physical Verification