Hamro Hajiri

Hamro Hajiri software is for attendance and overall management.

Improvement from traditional to advanced technological-based attendance system, “Hamro Hajiri” software is not just used for regular e-attendance of any staffs or employees, it can also be utilize for regular updates of employees’ regularity, summary details of attendance as well as holiday updates, payroll details, updates of devices installed for attendances of the particular company and so on.

“Hamro Hajiri” software can be executed in two levels – Main Admin Level, where all control/ handling authority are provided and Second Staff Level, where they can check their attendance detail and summary, holiday details and any other internal official circulations.

Basic key features of this solution are as follow:

  • Regular Office Management
  • Leave Management
  • User Management
  • HR Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Report
  • Settings and Date Management (With both Nepali & English Date Setup)