DCS is defined by GoN which is beneficial to both private sectors and government sectors

Darta, Chalani & Sifaris is one of the aspects of government, where the government of Nepal (GoN) itself provides the pre-defined format and the companies need to fill up the format accordingly and need to execute the process as defined by GoN which has specific steps and procedures. One of the software that we provide,being beneficial to both private sectors and government sectors (if preferred) is Darta Chalani &Sifaris System.

Filling up this DCS form in simple hardcopy and placing copies of each Darta/ Chalai then recording each of the steps that is being executed or has been completed in simple spreadsheets can be a hassle and a headache to the users. So for simplification of recording all the steps as well as to fill up the details we have developed “Darta Chalani and Sifaris System” after taking approval from related government body.We have set-up enrolled in the system that shall be as per the format approved by the government which will make the system user-friendly as well as simplified.