Hamro Restro

Hamro Restro solves the needs of larger and more simplex secure restro operations in mind

In this tough and competitive market for restaurant and food business, without new concept it is difficult to expand and survive. At the same time they need to handle their business transactions and properly keep records and tracks of all the daily schedule details, inflow/outflow of inventories and other working process in terms of financial & non-financial terms.

At the same time they need to maintain the details information of staffs and labors and there are many more to cater such information which require different systems which may be costly if you survey in the market for such different software for same purposes.

Henceforth, “Hamro Restro” has been designed with the needs of larger and more simplex operations in mind and keeping your data secure from a single system.

The key features that we display in our software are as follow:

  •  Assists with ordering, billing, inventory management, and queue management.
  • Benefits in efficiency and reduction in customer wait times as well as preventing employee scams.
  • Maintaining consistency with centralized management controls.
  • Keeping staff accountable for portion control.
  • Tracking inventory across multiple locations if there are more than one outlet.
  • Network versions available: Share data within an organization on one networked server for a consistent and comprehensive view.