CMS provides project management solution for the construction company business

Construction Information System provides project management solution for the construction company business of all sizes from small to large. It offers estimation, project management capabilities, scheduling, cost management, document management, contract management etc. Construction Management Software provides support in recording of complete project management, document management, drawing management and so on. CMS act as deployment mean user don’t have to worry about its maintenance. User can get any data related to project.

CMS provides secure environment for different users allowing them to define their own filters, views and report. CMS keystone supports requests, instruction, and notification process which can be further individually configured by members to meet business, stakeholder or project specific requirements. Workflow is the main feature of CMS dashboard where construction process and involvement of multiple parties working together towards the same outcome can be easily simplified. The powerful workflow platform in the dashboard allows the users & admin to communicate with each other. The users can easily create and record entry of the work to be done in construction process of their clients; work in process, costs involved and completed tasks of their clients in our system without any complexity.

The key features of CMS are as follow:

  •  Estimation
  • Project management
  • Scheduling
  • Cost management
  • Document management
  • Contract management
  • Requests, instruction, and notification to business stakeholder
  • Record entry of the work done/ to be done costs involved and completed