Tundi Construction Pvt. Ltd.

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Client Name Tundi Construction Pvt. Ltd.
Country Nepal
Service Website Design and Development

Tundi Construction, one of Nepal’s top construction companies, is associated with Cyberlink for web development solutions. Cyberlink has designed two websites for the company as its operations are running beyond Nepal. One website is based in Nepal, and the other in Australia. These websites developed by Cyberlink as per companies’ vision and requirements that help showcase their best works. Additionally, we provide enterprise email services that help them manage their resources well.

About Tundi Construction Pvt. Ltd.

Tundi Construction Pvt. Ltd. founded in 1984 AD by Mr. Rishi Prasad Subedi (Founder Chairman). There are more than 390 direct Employees and 1,800 indirect Employees (Skilled and unskilled labour) working in this company.

There are Sufficient Construction Machinery, Equipment, and they have been conducting Active Operation in Nepal and Bhutan. It also includes Participating in Bidding in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Bangladesh. They have executed several projects such as water supply and water treatment plants, roads, bridges, airport, hydropower, irrigations projects in Nepal and Bhutan.

Since its founding in 1984, Tundi Construction Pvt. Ltd. has always been a key contributor to the Nepal and construction sectors. Over the years, it has been proud to play a major part in the realization of some highly prestigious projects, particularly major landmark public buildings, roads, and water supply.

Tundi’s mission is to continually innovate, develop and adopt state-of-the-art technology in methods and materials. The TCPL Corporate Mission derived from the Vision Statement to encompass the overall strategies, objectives and goals of the Organization.

Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment are among the most important concerns of the company. They follow strict safety regimes as well as quality procedures and strives to continuously improve their performance. They also take pride in their achievements. The company attributes to the dedication of their staff, whose exceptional skills and expertise are the key value of their company’s success. They have succeeded in proving that they can deliver on their promises and that they can rise to significant technical challenge, as well as excel in their performance to the satisfaction of their clients.

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