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Client Name Madheshvani
Country Nepal
Service Website Design and Development

Madheshvani is an organization that focuses on strengthening the Madhesi welfare and media organization. Our company, Cyberlink, is glad to be providing this company with our website design and development services to enhance their online presence. We provide a management service where they are enabled to circulate new and important news in an impactful and resourceful manner. Likewise, we also provide an advertisement management service that allows them to advertise about their organization and ongoings of the company in a manageable manner.

About Madheshvani

Madheshvani was established in 2005 A.D. (2061 B.S.) as a Madhesh issue base in Nepal. Madheshvani encompasses the persons and organizations involved in communication with the public media via print, radio, television, internet, and journalism. Making citizens informed and preparing them to emphasize on precondition for any specific development works, however it is challenge, Madheshvani is taking an account.

Operating Activities of Madheshvani

1.   MADESHVANI VIEWS PAPER publication (Weekly)

2.   MADESH UPDATE NEWS publication (Daily)

3.   MADESH DARPAN FEATURE SERVICE publication (fortnightly)

4.   MADESHVANI Radio program operating in (Nepali language x 28 stations X 6 days in a week)

5.   MADESHVANI Website operation (


A main objective of the Madhesh Media House (MMH) and Madhesh Resource Centre (MRC) is to strengthen the Madheshi welfare organizations; media, civil society, political societies etc specially, Madheshi media organizaitons. However, following are the specific objectives of the project;

1.      To collect historical fact about Madhesh.

2.      To expose the anti Madheshi activities through feature program, seminar, and conferences.

3.       To collect and create Madhesh related documents, books, maps and historical facts.

4.       To develop information bank for Madhesh issue.

5.      To develop E- library ( One rupee One book)

6.      To create madhesh related documentary.

7.      To expose the anti Madheshi activities through feature.

8.      To develop information bank for Madhesh issue.

9.      To develop Madhesh Media House

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