Kathmandu Marathon

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Client Name Kathmandu Marathon
Country Nepal
Service Website Design and Development

Kathmandu Marathon is a mega event in Nepal that economically benefits the city through mass national and international runners’ participation. Cyberlink has been associating with Kathmandu Marathon in providing various web services, including website design and development, digital media marketing, and social media management. Additionally, we provide them with a runner management and event management system, which secures and manages the runners’ data in a detailed form. We highly focus on the graphic designing aspect of the organization.

About Kathmandu Marathon

Kathmandu Marathon has started since 2007. It already has the experience of a decade and has become more mature, versatile and strong to include all the interested participations in case of running, sponsorship, charity, and an active social platform to announce social responsibilities more clearly.

This event has been organized in one-year prior fixed date, punctually and regularly. By this time, Kathmandu Marathon has become a brand for itself. This year 2023, It is celebrating its 15th year expecting the record number of participants and the organizers are committed to make this year event a mega sporting event that people have ever seen in the city.

Most of the big cities in the world host City Marathon. Marathon has become a mass sport which is popular among the people and has become the most participated event of the world. All City Marathon events are growing year by year in participating numbers and the size. The Marathon event has been the medium of sending the positive message of the city and the country. It has brought a very big economic benefits to the city through the mass participation of National and International runners.

This has also become a platform for people to start the active healthy life. Parallel it has also been the platform for Charity Organizations to raise funds for their projects for needy people. Nevertheless it has become a branding platform for the National and International Companies to display and market their products. Kathmandu Marathon has been a mega event attracting sponsors and athletes from all over the World.

Kathmandu Marathon is an established mega event of Nepal and is celebrating its 15th year on 14th  October 2023.

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