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Client Name F-SKILL Pvt. Ltd.
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Cyberlink has been providing website design and development services to F-SKILL. It is a leading service provider in technical and vocational education and training. Our company has successfully been managing its Google Business Profile, which makes it easier for them to find and track leads. Additionally, we provide them with email services that help them to keep track of their respective customers and events.

About F-SKILL Pvt. Ltd.

F-SKILL Pvt. Ltd. protects all personal information and sensitive data you provide to highly maintain our client’s privacy.

At F-SKILL Pvt. Ltd., we ensure to provide data security while collecting your personal information. We collect your personal information for a variety of regulatory and business purposes which include:

  • Respond to your requests and queries related to our service.
  • Perform market research, business, and operational analysis.
  • Provide, maintain, and enhance our services.
  • Promote our services in the market that tailor to your specific needs and interests
  • Guarantee conformity to legal and regulatory requirements for the prevention or detection of any fraud or crimes.

F-SKILL project was initiated by HELVETAS & SDC in 2002 to scale-up and replicate the short-term, mobile training models tied to employment linkage which proved successful with the SKILL Nepal Project.

With the F-SKILL project, the mobile training model also was able to be repliated throughout Nepal. Through the franchising concept, private training providers were mobilized to deliver training as franchises of F-SKILL.

While the franchising model continues present, F-SKILL has started implementing training services directly in all locations throughout Nepal. These include projects: EEVNT/World Bank, EF-SR/HELVETAS, SABAL/Save the Children.

F-SKILL has been providing & and employment services since 2006 Pioneer in scaling up short-term training throughout Nepal Over 35,000 youths trained in 45 trades in all districts. Network of training for donor agencies, NGOs and Nepal government agencies: Employment Fund (EF) & Safer Migration Project (SaMi)/HELVETAS Swiss in cooperation Nepal, World Vision, PACT & Education for Income Generation Project (EIG)/USAID, Training for VMLRs(former combatants)/UNIRP.

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